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Whose Offices Can You Find at City Hall?

Mayor's Office:                                                                                   Clint Lamb                                                                  


Clerk-Treasurer's Office:                                                                   Sue Pitts


Deputy Clerk Treasurer's Office:                                                      Lisa McCammon


Utility Clerk for Sewer and Trash Service:                                       Deanna Nickless


Building Commissioner:                                                                    Brian Pound


City Hall Address:   

32 North Court Street

Sullivan, IN 47882

City Hall Phone: 

(812) 268-6077

City Hall Fax:   

(812) 268-4522


Lisa McCammon


Rob Robertson

The Deputy Clerk-Treasurer is appointed by the Clerk-Treasurer to assist her. Lisa McCammon holds the position.

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The Fire Department is located adjacent to City Hall.


In case of a fire, get outside and away from the structure and call 911.


Fire Chief: 812-268-5837.


Lisa McCammon

Lisa's position also includes record-keeping, accounting, assisting visitors who come to our City Hall, and all aspects of the daily efforts which keep our City government running efficiently and effectively. She is a person who goes the extra mile to assist her co-workers, City Department and City Board members, and anyone who contacts City Hall. 

Rob Robertson


Michael Garrett

The Police Station is located at the site of the former second Fire House. In case of an emergency, call 911.

For non-emergency and business calls: 

Police Chief Michael Garrett: 812-268-4353.


Police Station Location: The Police Station is located on North Stewart Street.


Directions: From the Downtown City Square, go east on East Washington Street for approximately 5 blocks to the railroad tracks. After you cross the railroad tracks, immediately turn left at the first street. After you turn, the Station is located on the left side of the street. 

Jesse Morin


Deanna Nickless

Deanna Nickless

water usage information which is furnished to the City by the Indiana American Water Company.

In addition, as a service to our City's residents, each bill Deanna sends includes Republic Services, Inc., weekly trash pick up fees in Sullivan. Curb-side recycling service is available with pick-up every two weeks.

Deanna is always ready to answer your questions and assist you with any concerns you may have.

Deanna Nickless is the City of Sullivan's Utility Clerk, and she prepares monthly utility bills for sewer fees and is responsible for collection. Sewer service is the City's only utility property's sewer fee , and the amount of each is based on the 

  1. Sewer/trash bills can be paid at City Hall in person.

  2. Sewer/trash bill can be paid by mail.

  3. You may also place the bill stub and payment in the drop box outside by the entrance to City Hall (no cash in the drop box, please).

  4. To arrange for automatic debit service from your checking account, please call Nikki at 812-268-6077.

  5. You may pay by MasterCard, Visa, or     Discover credit card. You can conduct this transaction by phone, online by internet, or in person at City Hall. An additional charge of $3.95 or a minimum of 3% of the bill, whichever is greater, will be added to your bill by the charge card service provider to your charge total. (This extra fee is not a charge made by the City.)

Five Ways to Pay Your Sullivan Sewer & Trash Bill

Note: Water service bills will be received from Indiana American Water, Inc., and must be paid to them. The City of Sullivan cannot collect those payments.

To make a credit card payment  online, click here.

Pay Online

Important Notice for Delinquent Bills!

The City of Sullivan has established an Ordinance in conjunction with Indiana American Water, Inc. which entails the turning off of water service to a property at which the sewer bills are not currently being paid.


How Does a Resident Register to Receive a Sewer Bill?


In order to receive a sewer service bill, a resident is required to first contract service with Indiana 

American Water, Inc., which can be reached at 800-492-8373. After this is completed, the Indiana

American Water, Inc., will contact City Hall and you will be signed up for a sewer and trash account.

How Does a Resident Receive an Adjustment to a Sewer Bill if there is a Water Leak?


If a resident receives a fee adjustment from Indiana American Water, Inc., for a water leak or other circumstance, the resident can then request an application for a fee adjustment from the City for sewer service.

How can a Resident Get Trash and Recycling Services and Containers?


Call Republic Services, Inc.,at 866-760-2182 to sign up, and container(s) will be delivered to you.

What Happens if the Bill is Not Paid?

Please contact the City Hall office if you cannot pay your bill for the month. We will work with youa s best we can within the guidelines we are, by law, required to follow.


Unfortunately, there are situations when Property Liens for delinquent sewer bills must be filed with the Sullivan County Court system.

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