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Elected Officials

City Council

City Council Members:


We hope that the information provided will assist you in better understanding how your City government functions. Our City Council meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month, with the exception of the month of November which is to be announced.

The meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. at The Sullivan Civic Center.  We encourage

you to attend to familiarize yourself with the proceedings and to take part in your local



The City Council members create and pass the laws and ordinances of the City and they are in charge of the finances of the City. The Council determines the salaries of all elected officials of the City, as well as the annual salaries of the Police and Fire Department members. Members of the Council are part-time elected officials who serve for a term of four years. There are no term limits for Council members.


As the law-making and ordinance-making body of the City, the City Council members serve as the major link between you and your City government.


The State of Indiana also requires that the City Council members be responsible for the control of the City's finances. The number of members of the Council can range from three to seven members and is left to the discretion of each city.Sullivan's City Council has five members, and they are elected at-large to represent the entire City,or elected by district to represent a specific geographical area of the City. The Council members annually choose a member to be President.





Current City Council Members and

Contact Information


You may contact City Hall at 812-268-6077 to leave a message for a Council member. 


Council President

Tom McClanahan

Council Members

Gene Bonham

Scott Brown

John Ellington

Patti Mayfield



What are the Duties of the City

Council Members?


The City Council is both the City's law-making group and financial matters supervisors. The Council exercises power given cities through the passage of ordinances and administration of financial matters.




What Official(s) Establish the Salaries for the Mayor, the Clerk-Treasurer, the Police Department and the Fire Department? 


What Official(s) Set the Salaries for the City Council Members?


The City Council members determine the annual salaries of all elected officials of the City including the Mayor's salary and the Clerk-Treasurer's salary. In addition, the Council members have authority to

establish salaries for the City Council members who are on the Council in the following year.


Although the members of the Fire Department and the members of the Police Department are appointed and not elected officials, the City Council also establishes their salaries.

The Council members have the authority to reduce or eliminate, but not to increase, any other items in the City budget as submitted for approval by the Mayor.

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