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Sherman Building   


Located at 24 S. Court Street on the Downtown City Square, the Sherman Building was built by F.J. Nicholas firm for Cuthbert J. Sherman in 1915, this structure has achieved a designation on the National Register of Historic Places for its architecture and engineering.


The Sherman family had a long commercial association with our town. Even today, the Sherman Scholarship Trust continues to assist many students financially throughout Sullivan County as those students attend college. At the time of the Sherman Building's opening, the elaborate theater was considered to be the finest in the state with slag glass chandeliers, marble stairs, solid mahogany woodwork and hand-laid ceramic tile.


The theater served as a venue for vaudeville and other professional acts during the early years, then became a movie theater. Beginning in the mid 1970's, it was often utilized once again for performances for touring shows presented by well-known artists. The exterior of the three-story brick building has a unique glazed terra cotta trim.  In addition to the elegant theater, the Sherman Building housed retail spaces and businesses and a third-floor ballroom.


At this time, the entire Sherman Building is being utilized as a church.


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