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Elected Officials

Clerk - Treasurer

Clerk - Treasurer


The Clerk-Treasurer is elected for four years and there are no term limits for this position. The job of the Clerk-Treasurer is to process and manage the City's finances at the request of the Mayor and the Council members

Sue Pitts fills the elected position of City Clerk-Treasurer. Sue became our Clerk-Treasurer in 2005, and has been re-elected since then. Over the years, the position of the Clerk-Treasurer has 

  • Receive and care for all town money and disburse money on the order of the City Council;

  • Keep financial accounts identifying the sources from which the funds have been received and to whom payments of City funds have been made

  • Prescribe payroll and account fonms for all City offices

  • Prepare the budget estimates of miscellaneous revenue, financial statements and the proposed tax rate for the City Council

  • Maintain custody of the City's seal and the

      records of the City Council

  • Serve as Clerk of the City Council by attending meetings and recording proceedings and does the same for the Board of Public Works & Safety

  • Administer oaths (including weddings) and take depositions and serve as notary without a fee

  • Present ordinances, orders, or resolutions to the Mayor for approval and keep those records

  • Provide citizens open access to their public records

  • Insure public meetings are conducted in accordance with laws fashioned
    Appoint deputies and employees subject to the authorization by the Board of Public Works and Safety and the City Council.

changed from being one of a bookkeeper to one of being a financial manager for a City government.


Sue appreciates the trust that the voters of Sullivan have given her. She operates her office with the highest standards of diligence, accountability, and service to the residents and visitors who come to City Hall. Sue is a person we can depend on to do the job right and with a sincere interest in assisting others in any way she can.


As with the Mayor and the City Council, the Clerk-Treasurer's responsibilities are dictated by the State of Indiana, and the following is a list of some of those duties:


Sue Pitts

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