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Building Commissioner


Welcome to the web page for the Building Commissioner.











As the City of Sullivan Building Commissioner, Brian insures that State and local Codes are met during remodeling, construction and upkeep of vacant land, homes, businesses, developments, and infrastructure within the City limits. Brian does a great job of working together with our residents and contractors to solve problems in ways that are beneficial to both parties. In addition to the instances listed above, some other duties of our


Building Commissioner duties include:


  • Investigates complaints and takes action when appropriate regarding health, property, maintenance, zoning and other ordinance violations;


  • Reviews applications for Permits and issues Permits appropriately; • meets with property owners and workers to determine code compliance;


  • Regularly inspects all local properties to insure that Nuisance Ordinances are not being violated. Examples are overgrown brush and grass, trash on properties, and safety concerns;


  • Issues notices of fines when violations are not corrected in a timely manner.


If you have any questions or if you need information, you can reach the Building Commissioner at City Hall at 812-268-6077.



Brian Pound fills this position and is appointed by the Mayor for a term of four years. Brian has years of extensive experience and expertise in all levels of the construction business.

Who should apply for a permit?


The person who is doing the work should apply for the permit. If you are going to do the work, then you should apply. If a contractor is going to do the work, then the contractor should apply.

What are some instances when permits are required?


  1. Any new construction;

  2. Relocation of an existing structure

  3. Remodeling that involves changes to the  structure of the home;

  4. Examples are adding walls to an existing home or making changes to load-bearing walls;​

  5. Room additions - including covered patios and

  6. Decks and gazebos;

  7. In-ground or above-ground swimming pools:

  8. Spas and hot tubs located on the exterior of the structure

  9. Converting fuel or energy sources for  furnaces and water heaters; Example is furnace;

  10. New wood burning stove and fireplace installations;

  11. Any demolition work performed may require  that an environmental report be obtained;

  12. Electrical upgrades and new electrical installations and

  13. While tearing off shingles and re-roofing of structure do not require a permit, reconstructing the pitch/slope of the roof does require a permit. 



The following information is of a general nature and is not a complete list. Please call 812-268-6077 for more information.


Under specific circumstances, citizens and workers are required to obtain Permits in advance of any construction or installations to a property.

Brian Pound

What are some instances when NO permits are required?


NO Permits are required for the following installations and replacements if they do not modify the actual structure. You may conduct the following kinds of work without a Permit:


  • Replacement of doors or windows, if you are not structurally changing the size of the opening;


  • Installation and replacement of sidin soffi!, trim, and insulation;


  • Installation and replacement of cabinets,shelves, painting, wall papering, and floor coverings;


  • Replacement of an attic fan, bathroom fan, range hood exhaust fan, or whole house fan with a fan that does not require structurally changing the size of the opening;


  • Replacement of appliances, fixtures, traps and valves in an existing plumbing system;


  • Replacement of a water heater with one that has the same venting arrangement/type of energy;


  • Tearing off shingles and re-roofing of a structure does not require a permit. Note: If you reconstruct the pitch/slope of the roof you will need a permit. 



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We hope that some questions have been answered with this information. Please feel free to call for more information or if you have concerns

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