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City Boards


Board of Public Works & Safety


Members' duties include control over Sullivan's streets, sewers, and other infrastructure. Terms are for four years and the State of Indiana requires this board to have three members, with the option of having five members. The Mayor is required by State Code to be a member, and the other members are:  Alan Pierce, and Jean McMahan.

Board of Public Works

Members are appointed by the Mayor and consist of five members who serve four-year terms. The Park Board works with the Park and Pool staff to ensure that those areas are safe well-maintained and available for the recreation, relaxation, and fun of our residents and visitors to our City. The chairperson of the Park Board is Monty McKinley and the other members are Alison Lane, Ellen Tucker, Rachel Reed, and Aaron Decker.


Park Board


Plan Commission


Members are appointed by the Mayor and the Commission consists of seven members who serve four-year terms. The duties of the members include preparing and recommending to the City Council a comprehensive set of plans for the present and future development of the City of Sullivan. Such a set of plans includes statements of objectives for future development, objectives for the land use development of the City, and statements of policy for the development of public ways, places, lands, structures, and utilities.


Members appointed are Chairperson Jim Exline, Elanna Luttrell, Scott BrownKristi Burkhart, Sarah Shepler, and Chris Levingston.


Redevelopment Commission

The Redevelopment Commission has five members who are appointed by the Mayor. Each member serves for a term of one year and may be appointed for successive terms. The primary duties of the Commission members include the development of deteriorated areas, elimination of blighted properties, and revitalization of the city of Sullivan. As defined by the State of Indiana, an area in need of redevelopment is an area in which normal development is not reasonable because of deterioration, age, obsolescence, substandard condition, or other factors regarding the improvements.


A member of the Redevelopment Commission may not participate in a case in which he or she is biased or prejudiced or has a direct financial interest. Members appointed by the Mayor are Chairperson Jim Exline and Logan Pearison. Brian Martindale, Scott Andritsch, and BJ White are appointed by the City Council.


Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA)

Members are appointed by the City Council or the Mayor. These board members are appointed for four years. As with the Redevelopment Commission, members of the Board of Zoning Appeals may not participate in a case in which he or she is biased or prejudiced or has a direct or indirect financial interest.


BZA members adopt rules concerning the filing of appeals, process applications for Variances and special exemptions, process notices of appeals, and conduct Appeal Hearings. Zoning appeals often include requirements concerning specific types of development, such as mobile homes, historic structures, and right-of-ways.


If a citizen or business entity seeks to request a Variance to a zoning order, the Building Commissioner's office should be contacted at 812- 268-6077. Fees apply when filing for a Variance in order for the City to pay for the necessity on special Appeal Hearings, and there will be a charge for the newspaper to publish a required legal notice regarding the Appeal. Members appointed by the Mayor are Erin Sater, Amber HuntChairperson Lela Street. Steve Tucker and Darlene McKinney are appointed by the City Council.

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