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Welcome to the City of Sullivan's Police Department web page.

Micheal Garrett is the Chief of Police for our Police Department which provides protection of life and property for our citizens and visitors to our City.


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Michael Garrett

Accountability defines the efforts of every member of our Police Department officials in order to enhance and maintain the trust of the people they serve. Chief Garrett and the City's officers conduct their jobs with a sincere dedication to providing concern, competence, and efficiency in every aspect of their contact with the public.  


No matter the situation in which you may meet the Police Department officers, the administration of the City feels secure that you will be treated with fairness and with respect for your legal rights.  Chief Garrett serves as an example of what a law enforcement professional should be, and our City Police officers live up to that example.

Our full-time officers Police Department members are:  Spencer Brooks, Robbie Smith, Michael Garrett, Robbie Smith, Mitchell Eberhardt, Garett Potter, and Ryan Vernelson


Our City's Police Department and other first responders look forward to the  opportunity to interact with our citizens on an informal basis at our annual "First Responders Night Out" event at the City Park to be held every August. (Look for upcoming announcements about date and times on our  website).


The City of Sullivan also has a reserve officer program made up of community volunteers who assist our Police Department with various tasks including parades, festivals, athletic events and other occasions.



The following is a list of some of the services provided by our Police Department:


  • Respond to scenes of crimes and accidents, providing assistance and security;


  •  Complete preliminary investigations and process crime scenes for evidence;


  •  Conduct interviews with witnesses, suspects and victims;


  • Patrol all areas of the City for traffic laws enforcement;


  • Being pro-active in detecting and deterring crime while on Patrol;


  • Enforcement of all City, State and Federal Ordinances and Laws;


  • Maintain all requirements for training as specified by the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy and our local Department including use of force policies, including lethal force when indicated;


  • Respond to disasters and civil disturbances;


  • Provide accurate, detailed court testimony when called upon to testify in Court;


  • Use discretion and alternatives to arrest when dealing with everyone; make arrests when 

      required; and


  • Transport and process prisoners upon arrest to Correctional facilities and Court.

Non-Emergencies (City Dispatch)


for Emergencies

Call 911

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Sullivan City Police

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