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City Departments


City Utility/Sewer Maintenance


Welcome to the City of Sullivan's Utility/Sewer Maintenance Department.

First and foremost we want to express our appreciation to our Sullivan Utility Department members for accomplishing their jobs in such a way that we hardly need to think about sewer problems at all. Sullivan is fortunate to have this dedicated staff in our City.







Tony Burkhart is the Superintendent of our Utility Department and his position is appointed by the Mayor. Tony maintains our sanitary sewer system, including services for storm water and disposal services.


Tony Burkhart

Calls regarding sewer and drainage concerns should be made to City Hall at 812-268-6077 and the information will be relayed to our Utility Department as needed.  


Thank you for your attention to these matters.



The following is a partial list of services provided by our Utility Department:


  • Planning,construction,maintenance and operation for sewer drainages service;

  • Creates and maintains maps of sewer system and waterways;

  • Enforces drainage Ordinances and requirements;

  • Visits active construction sites to insure Ordinance compliance;

  • Maintains a variety of records relating to inspections;

  • Verifies prior to excavation the location of utilities such as gas, telephone, electricity television, water and sewer;

  • Responds to emergencies in a timely manner;

  • Informs residents and business owners when a service must be shut of for repairs;

  • Performs all duties in conformance to safety and security standards;

  • Performs pavement cutting, manhole cleaning and maintenance; and

  • Maintains, with the assistance of our City Maintenance Supervisor and staff, equipment and vehicles assigned to Department.

Sewer & Drainage Matters:


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