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Appointments by the Mayor

Center Ridge Cemetery Superintendent

Cemetery Superintendent


Welcome to the City of Sullivan's webpage for Center Ridge Cemetery. We hope that the information provided on this page will answer any questions you may have. If you still need answers to your questions, please call the City's Cemetery Superintendent at: Center Ridge Cemetery at 812-268-5191.

Main Entrance to the "older section" is located in the 700 block of West Washington Street. West Johnson Street is the dividing area for the two parts of the Cemetery. There are also Entrances to both major sections of the Cemetery located on each side of West Johnson Street. 


Like many cemeteries, Center Ridge is historically interesting. It has been continuously owned and operated by a group of citizens of Sullivan, and later the City of Sullivan since a few years after the end of the Civil War.

Center Ridge Cemetery has a lot of visitors, including those who visit for purposes of historical research, and those who visit just for the pleasure of being out of doors in a quiet setting.


The Sullivan Democrat newspaper reported that "on October 10, 1867, an infant child was the first interment in Center Ridge." At present, the approximate number of graves is over 20,000.


We appreciate the dedication of Superintendent Crooks and the staff in keeping this lovely space in such top condition in all seasons. Thank you to Dick Crooks, Terry McCullough, and Dwight Robertson for the full-time service they extend to Center Ridge and to Charles Walls for his mowing service.

Cemetery Services


The Superintendent of the Cemetery keeps copies of all records and all permits, and all other information as required by law; and


The Superintendent has the same powers and authority granted by law to a peace officer

within the jurisdiction of the City of Sullivan for the purposes of Maintaining Order, Enforcing

Rules and Regulations of the Cemetery, the Laws of Indiana, and the City Ordinances.


These powers and authority are allowed within Center Ridge and immediately outside of the

Cemetery in order to protect Cemetery-owned property.


Dick Crooks is the Superintendent of the Center Ridge Cemetery, and his position is appointed by the Mayor.


The Cemetery office is located at 704 West Johnson Street, and the 

Dick Crooks

Cemetery Regulations


Thank you for your kind observance of the following guidelines for visitors to Center Ridge:


  • Please, no planting of flowers, shrubs, trees or any landscaping items;

  • Please, no disorderly conduct or disturbance of the peace and quiet;

  • Ten miles per hour is the Speed Limit in the Cemetery; and

  • The placing of cut or artificial flowers at individual grave stones is permitted as long as such placement does not interfere with general mowing, weed eating, or raking.


Center Ridge Cemetery Entrance

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